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**Open Saturdays 10am-6pm!**

Available by appointment all other days. Call today!!

Ted can't wait to show you the NEW Rocks and Historical Items in his brand new displays!

See you soon!

Own a Piece of Earth’s Wonders When You Buy a Precious Mineral Rock

Company Information

Franklin Mineral Rock And History in Franklin, NJ is a company that aims to share the beauty of the world through rare mineral rocks.
We hope that you enjoy our products and have the opportunity to learn more about our world’s geology as you build a collection or dive
deeper into the world of Mineral Rocks.


Come into the store and visit Ted, our owner...

Extra money for the holidays! Bring your Franklin & Sterling Mineral Rock into the store for a free appraisal!

Come in to see our Mineral Rocks

This is what you will hear when you stop in at the rock shop and meet Ted Bayles, proprietor of Franklin Mineral Rock and History and a mineral rock enthusiast. 

"I have been around these rocks all my life" says Ted.  I think I have these minerals in my blood. Having been born and raised in Franklin, NJ, I grew up on the miner's stories and now I get to bring their history to life in my store.  I am proud of what these great men have done.  This was not easy work for them and I am honored when I am asked to purchase a collection that I know was painstakingly put together by these great men.

Please come by, stop in and check out these incredible glowing mineral rocks.  I am certain that you will find a rock that calls to you. 


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